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New Beginnings

Perhaps my first post should be about how and why I am involved in this venture. Growing up, my dad wanted to homestead. I remember my parents putting in a large garden full of raised beds. My three older brothers had the job of "double-digging" the beds. My mom made all the kids weed. We had chickens and rabbits. Lots of rabbits! We also had a couple of milk goats that I remember having to milk before school. Unfortunately none of this lasted for long because we moved a lot. But we tried gardens nearly every place we lived, if there was room. Fast forward 20 years, or so, and my husband and I moved to Boise to be near family. We bought our home and began gardening. We also raised laying hens. Taking care of the chickens was Andrew's job, which he HATED!! So, when he announced in 2019 that he wanted to move home and raise chickens, by now we had moved to Weiser and had 7 acres, we were blown away!

Having Andrew home for 2020 was a real blessing. We watched him jump into this business and were impressed with his deep desire to learn and grow this business, not only for his benefit but also for the benefit of those around him. During that time, he and I talked a lot. Of course, I had my garden last year and he wanted to see it become something more. After numerous conversations, I decided to expand my garden into a market garden and become part of Waite Family Farms.

Then in October, Andrew decided he needed to push pause on the farming venture and join the Army. When Andrew decides to do something, he is all in. So he enlisted for 6 years and left for Basic Training in Georgia in January. We are so grateful and impressed with his desire to serve. So for the next 6 years, I will be running the farm, providing market produce, pasture raised chicken and fresh farm eggs. So I guess that is how I came to be involved. Next time I'll share a little about why I decided to be involved.

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