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Waite Family Farms is the beginning of a story.

Andrew's desire to farm springs from his desire for a family centered life. Inspired by his short time at Polyface Farm, Andrew wants to create a life for his future family centered on God and good food.

The summer of 2020 is the first year Waite Family Farms will be in production. We are excited to find out where creating good food, and life long relationships will lead. Come and join our story!

And the story continues...Andrew loved what he was doing but near the end of 2020 he decided to pause his farm journey and join the army.  He left for Basic training in Georgia in January 2021, leaving the business and farm in his mother's hands for the next 6 years while he serves.  


The 2020 growing season marks the beginning of a journey for Andrew and Waite Family Farms. Andrew is the founder and sole employee of Waite Family Farms. Andrews' desires to farm began with his desire for good food. Good food is hard to find, and even harder to afford. As a single person living with roommates he was often left with little time to cook and prepare food and was often left getting takeout and cooking meals for 7 (He doesn't know how to only cook for 1). Andrew desired a different life, one where how hard he worked, and how much effort he put in directly influenced his ability to succeed.


Andrew had a hard time picking a career. He spent three semesters in college jumping around majors trying to decide what kind of a life he would like. Eventually he decided that the one thing that he wanted out of his career choice was to be a considerable influence on his children. He wants to be able to work with them, home school them and be a direct force for growth. One long inspiration filled drive from Twin Falls to Boise left Andrew with the impression that farming might be the answer. Fast forward three years of work in the rebar industry, and countless hours of research and deep contemplation, Andrew decided to make the leap to farming. 

Pastured Perfect, 100% NON-GMO & Regenerative

Our main focus is creating food that will help heal you from the inside out, without breaking the bank. We believe that amazing food should be attainable for everyone.

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