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As I have considered why I am beginning this new business venture, I have have come up with two main reasons.

The first is because I love to garden. I forget how much sometimes until it is time to start seeds and I find myself with a big grin on my face, my hands covered in dirt and potting soil. I find nothing as satisfying as looking out over a freshly prepared garden plot. The possibilities are endless. The spring months are my favorite. The weather is just right, not too hot, not too cold. Everything is new. What a wonderful time of year! Then as the harvests come in, I love sitting down to a meal where the vegetables were picked fresh that day, the beef was grown in our back pasture and the milk is fresh from a neighbor's dairy. When I walk into my pantry/food storage room and see the shelves lined with canned goods, many of which I grew in my garden or purchased from another neighbor's orchard. I know I am blessed and I want to share this with others.

The second reason is my children, Allan and Mia. They were born with a rare genetic syndrome, Cri-du-Chat. Also known as 5p- syndrome. They are developmentally disabled and cognitively impaired. They will never be able to live on their own. However, we are very fortunate because their symptoms are mild. They are able to perform many daily living tasks with some supervision. Currently, Allan works at Weiser Classic Candy with a job coach. He loves to work. Allan is very good with routines and Mia is very social. My long term goal with this business is to create a place for them both to work. I hope they will be able to learn more work skills and become an even greater part of the Weiser community.

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