If you are coming from Boise:

  • Get on the freeway heading west (towards Oregon)

  • Keep driving till you hit the Fruitland exit, exit 3.

  • Take the exit and head north on highway 95

  • Follow the highway north through Fruitland, then Payette, be careful as you exit Fruitland and cross the bridge over the Payette river, you will come to a light, take the road that veers off towards the right. That is the highway. Do not continue straight through the light

  • Continue north through Payette for approximately 12 miles

  • As you get near the turn off onto Airport road, the highway will start to turn right. On your left will be multiple large buildings; Four Rivers Packing's old location

  • A center turn lane will appear, which will take you to Airport road on your left

  • Turn left onto airport road. You're almost here, in fact you can see our barn from here

  • Cross over the railroad tracks

  • At the split in the road head right, north, away from the onion packing plant

  • Follow that road around and take the first right, which will be Krause road

  • We are the first house on the right down Krause!

  • If you are coming on a processing day just come around back and you'll find us busy. If not knock on the front door.


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390 Krause Road

Weiser, ID 83672



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